Can’t Believe It’s Homemade

Baked Goods and Meal Prep

Can’t Believe It’s Homemade is both a home ran bakery and a customized meal prepping service.

Baked Goods:

Missing grandma’s homemade apple pie? Order it today via our online store or make a custom order. Our job is to get you high quality baked goods that taste like home and are made with familiar love and care.

Meal Prep:

Say goodbye to weekly meal planning, grocery shopping, and attempting to cook balanced, interesting and delicious meals that fit everyone’s palates. Sometimes we need a little bit of help to be rock stars at work, in the gym and at home.

Schedule a consult to customize your own weekly meal plan or select from the hundreds of dishes on our menu. Get 3 to 5 weekly servings of a breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or dessert.

ONLY available to the greater San Antonio, TX area. Orders need to be made a week in advance.